Samsung galaxy s9 rival with its voice feature

The Samsung galaxy s3 combines innovative technology with sleek styling to create one of the most appealing Smartphone on the market today. One of its many impressive attributes is able to categorize voice commands, much like the famed sire program on the apple iPhone 4s. S-voice on the Samsung galaxy s3 can be used to carry out several unique commands. So as to wake up the phone, simply say ‘hi galaxy’. This will activate the feature and it is going to then ‘listen’ to get a voice command. You can use the attribute to start any of the native programs on the phone, and most Google products, since the phone runs android. To start an app, simply say ‘open’ followed by the program. So by saying ‘open browser’ you may open the web browsing program, and you can then state that the URL of the site you would like to go to.

Samsung galaxy s9 possess

Of you want to send a new text message, and then say ‘write message’ and the messaging program will open. You can then order the desired text and choose the receiver all by using voice, doing away with the standard way of operating the touch screen. You may also ask the phone a question and it will then use the most suitable native program at its disposal. In case you should say ‘what is the weather like in London.’ the galaxy s3 will of course open the weather program to answer your question and then exhibit a prediction for this location. The potential of this app is very good, and if you take the time to understand how to use it correctly it will become a real time saver in several of day to day tasks rather than simply a gimmick to show friends and family. Due to the s-voice feature, the Samsung galaxy s3 becomes the first real competitor to the likes of sire on the iPhone 4s.

Even though some android apparatus have had basic voice control functionality previously, this is the most innovative effort yet found on an android apparatus. The galaxy s3 is aimed at being as user friendly as possible, and the s-voice feature really adds to the experience. It is available in five languages, including English, Spanish, German and Korean so there are millions of possible users who may benefit. The s-voice feature is of course only one of many impressive attributes of the device. TheĀ Galaxy S9 Release Date boasts a quad-core chip, HD touch screen, advanced 8 megapixel camera and the latest android so all encased inside a sleek handset. It provides the entire package and is without doubt the most innovative Smartphone to date in Samsung. If you are searching for the most cutting-edge Smartphone technology, then look no further than the Samsung galaxy s3.

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